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Photo Slideshows are a perfect way to pay tribute to the person you love by showing their journey through life in photos, videos and accompanied by their favourite music.

Photos can be displayed either randomly or in chronoligical order.


Each presentation starts with a title page that can remain on the screen in the chapel/church throughout the service and then after the presentation has been played. The title page is generally designed using the same theme you choose for the stationery. We use subtle transitions and effects which means that no photo remains static.

Recommendations for a funeral service

1 Song (up to approx 40 photos) or 2 songs (up to approx 80 photos). Generally, presentations should not exceed 8 minutes.

Recommendations for a memorial service or wake

A presentation slideshow for a memorial service or wake can have as many photos as you’d like. It is supplied as a ‘continuous loop DVD’ that will keep repeating as the day goes on.

A continuous loop DVD generally has no background music, but can be included if desirerd.